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The Global Challenges Index is a real innovation on the financial market. For the first time, it maps out trends in the model of sustainable development consistently and intelligibly in an index. Sustainability-oriented investors will profit from the Global Challenges Index, which

  • defines “sustainability” in concrete terms by focusing on seven future-relevant fields for action,
  • sets stringent and consistent performance criteria for the companies listed and
  • identifies pioneering companies that make active use of the opportunities provided by global change.

The Global Challenges Index focuses on seven global challenges for this millennium which politics, society and the economy must face up to:

  • combating the causes and consequences of climate change
  • securing adequate provision of drinking water
  • stopping deforestation
  • preserving biodiversity
  • dealing with population development
  • combating poverty
  • supporting responsible governance structures

The Global Challenges Index comprises companies which are actively facing up to this responsibility and have made substantial, forward-looking contributions to surmounting the global challenges. The Index contains 50 securities from globally active large companies as well as small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), which are promoting sustainable development through their range of products and services and are simultaneously opening up opportunities for the future development of their business.

An independent advisory board assists the Hanover stock exchange and oekom research in the drawing up and composition of the Index.


Four new companies in the GCX
With effect from 15 March 2013, four new companies will move up into the Global Challenges Index (GCX) sustainability. The first of these is the Italian gas company Snam. One of Snam‘s stand-out features is its group-wide climate protection strategy. High sustainabile building standards are what mark out the British construction group Berkely. The company was recently awarded a prize as Britain’s most sustainable construction company. The US-based software company CA Inc. has, among its products, developed a specific program for corporate sustainability management as well as one for recording consumption and emissions data – CA, will also feature in the GCX in future. The fourth company to be included in the index is the Italian traffic technology manufacturer Ansaldo STS, which offers solutions in the field of public transport and renewable energies.

The companies which will be removed from the Global Challenges Index on 15 March are the solar energy company Conergy, the Japanese automotive supplier Denso, the Swedish real estate company JM and the Norwegian insurance group Storebrand.

The reason for their replacement is the regular rebalancing of the sustainability index. The composition of the GCX is reviewed half-yearly. If certain securities no longer meet the stringent selection criteria of the index providers, new companies are included in the index in their place.

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